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ImPACT Concussion Testing & Procedures

ImPACT Baseline Testing for 2017-2018 Season

All players are required to complete a baseline ImPACT test before the start of each season. 

This is a FREE test offered by Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine.  It can be done on your home computer and takes about 45 minutes.  The test will establish a baseline that can be used in the future if a player suffers a suspected concussion.
Again, there is NO CHARGE for this test.
Note that you need to read the instructions for the test twice BEFORE beginning the test.  Set aside 45 minutes, a quiet area of your home.  You must also have an external mouse (no touchpads).  Part of the test is reaction time, so this is all very important to insure accurate results.
All players should complete the test before the start of the leveling tournament on 9/9/2017.

ImPACT Concussion Management Procedures

Following is a document of procedures for players sustaining a head injury.

ImPACT Doctor Listing

A list of ImPACT certified doctors. Note that, per the above procedures, you can see your own doctor.  However, the initial consultation with one of these doctors is free to you, and only one of these doctors can release a player prior to the mandatory 14 day disabled period.