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Concussion Testing & Procedures

ImPACT Baseline Testing for 2021-22 Season

All players are required to complete a baseline ImPACT test before the start of each season. 

This is a FREE test offered by Baylor Scott and White.  It can be done on your home computer and takes about 45 minutes.  The test will establish a baseline that can be used in the future if a player suffers a suspected concussion.
Again, there is NO CHARGE for this test.
Note that you need to read the instructions for the test twice BEFORE beginning the test.  Set aside 45 minutes, a quiet area of your home.  You must also have an external mouse (no touchpads).  Part of the test is reaction time, so this is all very important to insure accurate results.
All players should complete the test before the start of the leveling tournament on 9/11/2021.

We would like to Welcome back our League partner, Baylor Scott & White, Institute for Rehabilitation.  Links for this years testing are below.  Baylor will continue to use ImPACT for baseline testing with a retest required every 2 years.  If your player took the test in the fall of 2020, they will not need to retest this season and all of the records will shift to Baylor.  TESTING IS MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS.

If you have questions regarding Baylor or the testing your contact is Kendall Goldberg.

Corey Smith, MS, ATC, LAT

Baylor Scott & White SportsCare

Cell: 214.477.0722

Concussion Protocol

Parents just need to note these steps

  • Athlete is deemed out by the athletic trainer and turns in a concussion log form
  • Parent needs to take athlete and the clearance form to doctor of their choice (only non-accepted are ER docs and chiropractors)
  • If the doctor does NOT diagnose a concussion the form is sent back to Kendall Goldberg with the first box checked and the doctors signature and clinic stamp
  • If the doctor does diagnose with a concussion the athlete is out until a follow up appointment where the doctor says they are “Clear to start return to play”
    • This does not mean they go immediately back to playing
    • They then need to perform the 5 step return to play activities with no symptoms and initialed by a coach, parent or medical professional . The steps cannot be combined into more than one day
  • Once the RTP steps are complete the clearance form needs to be completely filled out and signed by the doctor with the actual clearance date and sent back to Kendall Goldberg.